Fast Romantics

The group, originally founded in 2008 in Calgary, lost most of its members around the time they were set to record their breakthrough single, “Julia, in 2014.

Founders Angus and Jeffrey Lewis were forced to rebuild the band from scratch. But this didn’t slow down the group — or the success of the single — and Fast Romantics took home the prestigious 2016 SOCAN National Songwriting Prize for the for the track. This can be added to an ever-growing list of accolades for the band, which took home the prize for Pop Group of the Year at the Sirius XM Indies in 2014, and has been climbing the charts on commercial radio.

Always drawn to the contrasting dynamic of a female vocalist in the mix, Angus started the band’s rebuild by recruiting Toronto-based singer-songwriter Kirty. Since joining the band, Kirty has become an integral force in Fast Romantics, serving as a creative support for Angus and bringing her own wealth of experience to the fold.



Montreal-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Geoffroy has been gaining traction and interest since the release of his first EP, Soaked in Gold, in November 2015. After backpacking around the world during his early twenties, the 29 y.o. settled in Spain playing music every single day.

Back in Montreal, Canada, he wrote and produced his first EP with good friend and producer Prince Club. His most recent works see Geoffroy’s familiar folk background give way to a more downtempo, electronica/trip-hop inspired sound, following the path of artists such as Chet Faker, SOHN or Sylvan Esso.

Geoffroy’s full album “Coastline”, co-produced by Gabriel Gagnon (Milk & Bone), Max Gendron (Prince Club) and Geoffroy, was released on March 10, 2017.



JP Saxe

JP Saxe is an R&B leaning, lyric obsessed singer/songwriter from Toronto. Subtle yet deliberate, Saxe’s music is all about detailed moments that bring you intimately close to his emotional perspective. His grandfather, Janos Starker, often regarded as the greatest cellist of the 20th century, pushed him to explore creating beauty through his own expressions: lyricism and songwriting.

JP’s debut single “Changed,” a deeply affecting alt-R&B song with trance-like piano, synth and vocal layering, takes us through a journey of how our past relationships, communities, and past selves inform the  way in which we move forward and grow.

“Changed” is the first of many from a collection of songs that live between two different worlds – the hazy production of artists like Frank Ocean, and the lyricism of those like Jason Isbell.






Keshia Chanté

Keshia Chanté is unbound. The former host of BET’s iconic music show 106 & Park and Toronto’s own is back into the music scene with a sexy new look and a whole lot to say. The 28-year-old Canadian singer, songwriter and Juno Award (Grammy equivalent) winner has returned with her new hit, “F**k It Tho,” produced by Matthew Burnett (Drake, Eminem), Tayla Parx (Fifth Harmony, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown) and xSDTRK (Usher, Jessie J). Keshia showcases a different side of her in this new age R&B single.







In 2012, Camille Poliquin she proved she had much more to offer when she wrote her first songs under the alias of KROY. Four songs were released on Bandcamp in 2014, and she soon gained attention for her spellbinding voice, with its distinctive, crystal-clear tone. Then came an encounter that would really change the course of things; she met Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, with whom she formed Milk & Bone.

Between Milk & Bone tours, Camille carries on her solo work influenced by spacey trip-hop (Goldfrapp, Portishead) and inventive modern pop (Vampire Weekend, Youth Lagoon). An “Artist to watch” according to Noisey, KROY released her first full-length album, SCAVENGER, on September 23rd under Dare To Care Records. The recording proves to be more eclectic and personal than Camille’s previous work, reflecting her bold and brilliant pop explorations. With over one million streams worldwide, SCAVENGER has gained the attention of several media outlets, including NYLON and The Fader. She has also performed throughout Canada and abroad, including in New York and Paris, at SXSW and during Osheaga in 2017.


Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta is a Toronto-based, Colombian-born interdisciplinary musician and artist-curator. She has performed, exhibited, and curated around the world since 2002, exploring the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American diaspora and vernacular.

Her 2017 Polaris Prize short-listed album La Papessa charts Pimienta’s evolution into an independent woman and artist who refuses to fit into pre-conceived notions of what a pop Latina artist ought to be.






On her debut album, We Loved Her Dearly, Lowell arrived as a confident young singersongwriter on a wave of inspiration. Brimming with ideas that challenged conventions of pop music, songs like “The Bells” and “I Love You Money” pointed to the many different dimensions of Lowell’s unique character. Equal parts art-punk brat and sex-positive icon, Lowell’s music confronted issues like LGBTQ and women’s rights with unbridled courage, lifted by the exultance of dance-floor dream-pop. “Her music is sweet,” noted NPR, “but with an intentional inseparable grit.”

On “Ride”, Lowell is joined by alt/pop hit-makers Icona Pop featured on the track. The single, with its undeniable Top 40 appeal and punk-y attitude, once again demonstrates Lowell as a forward-thinking artist who refuses to be bound by the confines of musical genre or classification. With the single “West Coast Forever” the artist’s grit and beauty comes into sharper focus. Produced by Grammy and Juno Award-nominated Zale Epstein (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q), and mixed by Davey Badiuk (Dragonette, Tegan and Sara), “West Coast Forever” is Lowell’s clearest and most restrained music to date. The subtle dreamy synths, bouncing hip-hop rhythm, and undeniable hook yearning for a better tomorrow are all in perfect harmony. “West Coast Forever” pays great attention to Lowell’s patent sonic detail, blending cinematic atmosphere with an undeniable beat. Known for her collaborations with artists like Apparatjik, Grandtheft, and more, “West Coast Forever” shows Lowell settling into her own element.


Luca Fogale

Luca Fogale’s immense vocal talent is impossible to ignore, elevating songs rooted in the folk tradition to soulful hymns about the human condition.

Based in Vancouver, Luca has played over 550 shows in the past three years as he’s tirelessly honed his craft. These shows have become the stuff of legend for his fans – standing ovations and teary-eyes are uncommonly common when Luca sings.

Luca has shared the stage with Frazey Ford, John Mann, Craig Cardiff, and Hayden – and has played festivals including Rifflandia, Tall Tree, and Tiny Lights. His debut full length has had 1000,000+ digital streams on Spotify.

At 26 years old, Luca’s drive and passion for music grows daily as he strives to become a more creative and inspired artist, constantly working to carve out his own place in Canada’s diverse pool of musical talent.







The Pack A.D.

Destruction and melody, acid wit and bruising vocals—this is the Pack A.D. Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have made a sound so gigantic, so fierce and raw and empowering, that it’s easy to forget there are just two people behind this brilliant, carefully constructed havoc. Shredding and pounding their way through every song, the Pack A.D. swallows you whole inside their fearless Franken-blend of heavy psych-pop/garage-rock. Their lyrics are wild nests, human and complex: darkly funny disclosures about depression; indictments of digital excess; grief-stricken fire bombs; sly crusades against stupidity. The Pack A.D. is also one of Canada’s “must-see” bands. Be it a massive stadium or the slightly seedy bar where everybody’s shoes stick to the carpet, the Pack A.D. have owned every spotlight and stolen every show they’ve ever played. Becky and Maya are relentless and riveting, playing with the kind of fuck-off freedom that makes everybody in the room vicarious rock stars, even if it’s just for the night.




Walrus are here to play for the sake of the song. The Halifax based band’s debut LP, Family Hangover, is a fuzzed-out electric blanket of soul with unrepentant strands of authentic heaviosity. Extensive studio experimentation can be heard throughout the sonically unique record, from varispeed warble to Spacemen-3 style saucer drone-attacks. Live, their low-key manner belies a depth and dedication to craft. This band could be thrown on a bill between Love and Sabbath and not embarrass the present.