Meet the Supes: Q&A with Amine Ramer (The November Man, Faking It, For A Good Time Call)

As a music supervisor and consultant, Amine Ramer has influenced the sound and mood of feature films, documentaries and award-winning television series for nearly a decade. Ramer’s success can be attributed to her careful selection of significant artists, ranging from the unknown to the popular, and her keen sensibility to create a visceral experience by connecting sight with sound.

A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Ramer credits her career path to her upbringing in an environment that encouraged the development of individuality and seeking out the new rather than following trends.

What kind of music do you enjoy outside of your working hours?

House/Detroit techno/ indie/electronic/ Northern Soul

What is your favourite thing about music supervision as a profession?

Matching the music with the visual and hitting the right emotional tone and pacing to help elevate or move the scene through with out ever taking away from the scene but adding to it or enhancing it. When you have done this after trying countless songs to picture you know it, and that feeling is great!

What is one of your favourite uses of source music or score (or both) in a film/TV series? Has it inspired how you work in any way?

John Hughes movies, and not just the songs he had written for them. They were so well used you can’t help but think of the films when hear the songs. May he rest in peace.

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