Meet the Supes: Q&A with Valerie Biggins

Q. How did you first get into the music industry?

A. I started off as an aspiring recording engineer in the late 1980’s.

Q. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

A. It’s Christmas time in my world. We have a number of Holiday MOW’s upcoming. Also two indie feature films and finishing up Chesapeake Shores season 3 and Take Two season 1.

Q. What do you think of the Canadian Music scene?

A. I think it’s diverse and vibrant but needs further support and exposure to foreign markets.

Q. Aside from value and/or ‘buzz’ factor, what are some of the benefits of placing music by an unsigned or independent artist?

A. Primarily if they’ve done their business properly, ease of licensing and the fees are friendly. It also opens them up to a broader audience which is great for them.

Q. What’s your favourite sync moment of all time (in any piece of media)?

A. Using “ Mittens” by Carly Rae Jepsen as an opening credit song in a Holiday MOW just before she broke with Call Me Maybe. Everyone was super excited about it and it was an amazing fit. Win/win.

Q. What are some of the most common mistakes you see independent artists make when they want to approach or pitch music to you?

A. We try to communicate with everyone eventually who pitch to us but we don’t always have time. So constantly asking if we’ve listened yet and what we think is not cool. If we want to pursue further we will. No metadata on the MP3’s that’s my biggest issue.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced as a supervisor?

Just finding the right song for a scene. Sometimes not everyone on the production has the same vision or idea of the message they want to portray so satisfying all parties can be a challenge.

Q. If you had to describe your personality in one song title. What title would it be and why?

A. “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Bobby McFerrin – Because that’s how I try to live my life… it’s too short to stress about things either try and fix them or if you can’t then let the universe handle it.

Q. What are some artists or songs that you’re really excited about right now?

A. I love Kayla Diamond, Ria Mae, Travis James, Yitzy, Towers and Trees, Lovecoast, Emily Rowed, The Katherines, and Dear Rouge.