Q&A with Soran – 2018 Café Artist

Q. Tell us about your band. Can you describe your overall sound?

A.I’ve been doing shows for about a year with a drummer and bass player. I don’t have many released songs so we had to build an hour set from scratch without really having strong references for the songs. I’d say the overall sound is getting closer to electro/pop since we use a lot of sequences but we still get the real drum and bass feel.


Q. What’s been your most memorable gig so far in your career?

A. I really have no idea! I feel like I’ll have one soon when I play a show where people get the chance to listen to the songs beforehand.


Q. Who are your artistic inspirations?

A. I’d say ‘’The Police’’ because I always loved them a lot when I was younger. Other artists I love would be Teddy Geiger, Benny Blanco, Allen Stone, Matt Corby.


Q. What’s your favourite sync moment of all time (in any piece of media)?

A. I don’t know why but I just love the overall music of Sherlock Holmes!


Q. What’s the funniest moment you’ve experienced either on tour, in the studio or just as a band?

A. There are so many funny moments but I’d say one of the best was when we were playing a slow emotional ballad outside at -27 degrees and at the peaking part of the song my guitar stopped working, bass player played in the wrong key and the drummer played the wrong groove. It was horrible but also very funny when we talked about it later.


Q. Have you had any sync placements before? And if so, do you have a favourite?

A. No, it’ll be my first time. Very excited!


Q. What existing piece of media (film, TV show, ad/trailer, video game) would you like to see your music used in?

A. I’d freak out if one of my songs was in a Denis Villeneuve movie but really any film/TV shown/ad I find it really interesting to see something I made in a different angle.