Q&A with Haviah Mighty – 2018 Café Artist

Q. Tell us about your band. Can you describe your overall sound?

A. My artist name (and legal/given name) is Haviah Mighty. I am a multi-faceted, solo artist who raps, sings, produces and deejays both in studio and live. My sound falls under the umbrella of ‘urban contemporary’ but more specifically, I create cross-over Hip-Hop with R&B, Soul, and Pop elements with lush vocal harmonies and empowered in-your-face lyrical raps. It’s a unique sound, and though difficult to describe, it’s very easy to enjoy.


Q. What’s been your most memorable gig so far in your career?

A. I’ve played a lot of dope shows over the past two years! I opened for Nelly in Ottawa recently, and opened for Majid Jordan, The Internet and Jidenna with my rap crew, The Sorority, for MANIFESTO. Those were insane shows, with large, engaged crowds! I’ve played a few events at The Drake Hotel and always found that venue and the setting to be intimate and homey. The MOD Club is always an awesome experience in terms of sound quality and how huge the show looks and feels, from lighting to stage size. I’d have to say my most memorable show was definitely opening for Desiigner at Mohawk College. That was a frosh performance, and I had that crowd in the palm of my hands. They literally fed off of my energy, responded to my every move and word, and sang along to songs they were hearing for the first time! That gig, for me, set the precedent for what my future shows should be like as I develop my career.


Q. Who are your artistic inspirations?

A. Tooooo many to name. The most obvious inspirations for me are: Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar… but I think I’ve been inspired by thousands of artists, even if for only one thing that they’ve done, at different times. I find I’m inspired by pieces of work more than individuals. 50 Cent was the first lyricist I listened to religiously, and that was also the era in which I started rapping. Our content is obviously very different, but our confidence isn’t. I’d also add that all of my older sisters are musical, and so they’ve been a huge inspiration for me as well.


Q. What’s your favourite sync moment of all time (in any piece of media)?

A. I don’t know if I could pick a favourite, but a few definitely come to mind. I enjoyed Power by Kanye West in the Limitless trailer. I also really enjoyed Creep by Scala & Kolacny Brothers in The Social Network trailer. I felt the emotion, and it was definitely part of the reason I was so eager to see the movie. Actually, now that I think about it, the following might be a favourite: In The Hall Of The Mountain King during the boat race scene in, once again The Social Network. Strong. Big. Intriguing. Recognizable, and yet, unique within itself. Love that scene!


Q. What’s the funniest moment you’ve experienced either on tour, in the studio or just as a band?

A. It’s funny now when I think about it, but it wasn’t then…when I was on tour with The Sorority, we were travelling across Canada by car and I was suffering from major stomach cramps. I had no ibuprofen. Broken, I curled up into a ball and tried to fall asleep. I apparently did, with my head hanging down at my chest for hours. Needless to say, I thought I had broken my neck (or some part of it) and spent the entire night, even before and after hitting the stage, ‘diagnosing’ my injury on WebMD. Hilarious now – not so much then!


Q. Have you had any sync placements before? And if so, do you have a favourite?

A. I got my first placement earlier this year in a commercial for one of the biggest banks in Norway (DNB). I worked with another producer (Book) and sync agents, Greater Goods, to create a song to support the visual already created by the bank. All that we had was a description of what the video would look like, and the overall message that they were trying to convey. It actually turned out really cool, and I was shocked to see that sort of investment from a bank in such an empowering message about finding happiness within our own individual life paths. Writing specifically for sync was a new and exciting challenge for me, and I’m honoured to have been a part of it! It synced up really well in the end!


Q. What existing piece of media (film, TV show, ad/trailer, video game) would you like to see your music used in?

A. All of the above, but I’m most excited about TV and film (and trailers). As a producer as well as a vocalist, I’d also love to explore writing instrumentals for video games, but I’m always up for my vocals being featured as well. I’m open to, and ready for, any opportunity that comes my way. I’m an individual who is very moved by the right sounds supporting a visual and think I have a keen understanding of what things I can do musically, to assist visually. I’d love to continue building this skill up and grow it!