Q&A with FOXTROTT – 2018 Café Artist

Q. Tell us about your band. Can you describe your overall sound?

A. FOXTROTT is a solo project where I write, sing and produce all the music. It is mainly electronic but with hybrid and organic textures, highly percussive, warm, bassy and melodic. Intimate and honest lyrics with intricate production. It is my musical way of exploring themes like the inner life, growth and authenticity, and hopefully, create something useful for other in the process.


Q. What’s been your most memorable gig so far in your career?

A. I really enjoyed my first album’s record launch in Montreal at PHI Center, the room was filled with such great energy and beautiful people. I also had a wonderful time playing in places like London and Berlin, where people’s ears are very open to different sounds.


Q. Who are your artistic inspirations?

A. Musically, I have always been attracted to people who have created their own lane and kept creating independently of trends or commercial success. Artists who have put a lot of soul and explore spirituality through their work, and also ‘shapers’ of sound. In no particular order, Alice Coltrane, Lee Scratch Perry, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, Bela Bartok, Micah Levi, Sly and Robbie…The list would be long.


Q. What’s your favourite sync moment of all time (in any piece of media)?

A. I don’t know why but I just love the overall music of Sherlock Holmes!


Q. What’s the funniest moment you’ve experienced either on tour, in the studio or just as a band?

A. There are so many funny moments but I’d say one of the best was when we were playing a slow emotional ballad outside at -27 degrees and at the peaking part of the song my guitar stopped working, bass player played in the wrong key and the drummer played the wrong groove. It was horrible but also very funny when we talked about it later.


Q. Have you had any sync placements before? And if so, do you have a favourite?

A. No, it’ll be my first time. Very excited!


Q. What existing piece of media (film, TV show, ad/trailer, video game) would you like to see your music used in?

A. I’d freak out if one of my songs was in a Denis Villeneuve movie but really any film/TV shown/ad I find it really interesting to see something I made in a different angle.