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Multiple delegates were particularly impressed with the caliber of artists presented, compared with other showcase events they have attended and they appeared to attribute that to Canadian identity, talent and thoughtfulness.  They felt lucky to be in the room, hearing the music before their peers get to hear it, and hearing it in person.  In short, the supervisors seemed to feel as lucky as the artists.  And that is rare in an industry setting. Music supervisors take pride in supporting artists and writers they care about.  Canadian Music Café facilitates those relationships in the most thoughtful, authentic way.  Michelle Conceison, Manager, Rose Cousins


Thank you very much for having me in for the Canadian Music Café. I couldn’t have been more impressed with every aspect- the selection of supervisors, the artists, the scheduling layout, the Song-to-Scene (which is blowing people away every time I talk about it), and just how professionally everything was put together. I’ve been to a few similar gatherings in the past, but this one was definitely the best one I’ve been to so far.  The music was outstanding. Literally, every single act was great. It will be a personal priority for me to find a way to work with as many of these bands in the near future as possible. I’ll be fighting for them.  – Alec Stern, Leo Burnett, Chicago


The calibre of the artists performing at Canadian Music Café 2016 was exceptional. I’m sure there will be many opportunities to place some of these artist’s songs in my forthcoming film and TV projects over the coming year(s). Michael and his team were brilliant, attentive and wholly professional and organized two fantastic days of music. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and would love to return next year. Thanks so much for an inspiring trip to Toronto in every way. – Iain Cooke, Music Supervisor, UK